Who is it for?

Do you want to know if this method is for you and if we work together will help you?


Check the situations below

where this method applies and those that do not.

If you indetify as…

  • An entrepreneur who runs a therapy practice
  • A yoga teacher, health or wellness coach
  • A seeker of “inner work” and self-development
  • An entrepreneur who wants to align your vision with your business
  • Partners in a committed relationship or family members who are facing unique challenges
  • A navigator of a major life change looking to improve your quality of life
  • Someone who believes that you hold old wounds that need to be healed (and are holding you back from success)

If you are a person:

  • wants to get information about your life purpose
  • curious about life, and the relationships that life establishes
  • curious about how we are and how we relate
  • attentive to the nature of your behaviors, emotions and feelings
  • facing blockages and tensions in some area of ​​life
  • that faces major changes in life
  • that wants to evolve and improve as a human being
  • you want to do your best for your family and those around you
  • that seeks self-knowledge
  • seeks a greater understanding of your life purpose
  • intends to obtain means and tools for continuous improvement of itself

This NO method is for you if:

  • do not intend to invest in you
  • you don’t want to change or improve aspects of your Being
  • you are resistant to interior change
  • looking for a miracle and instant solution
  • you don’t want to get involved in the process
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and provides the necessary information to obtain

your development result of Being,

and know how I can help you.