Hi, my name is

I like to live faithful to who I am,

to have time for me

and for my family

I always try to get to know myself more and more,
knowing my desires and the path that makes me happy.

I look for happiness and well-being for myself and mine.

In such a fast-paced world where there is little time to stop for a few seconds, and pay attention to who we are, my deepest desire has always turned to these themes.

Over many years I dedicated myself to the study, understanding and application of a
set of tools for the treatment and development of the Being that

allow me to be able to help you make the path

until your life’s purpose.

Helping you achieve a life

more fulfilled and fulfilled.

All the emotions that we carry, since our childhood, have a decisive weight in our life, all these emotions (which we are often not aware of) can have a blocking role in our life.

Therefore, most of the times we do not understand how repeated situations in our life always arise, patterns of behavior, patterns of relationships, always the same difficulties and the same blocks. Healing what causes you to fall into these patterns is essential, so that you can move towards your life purpose.

My mission, through the method

It is helping you to gain clairvoyance about your purpose in life, obtaining emotional, physical and mental healing and thus achieving a more balanced life, successful relationships, a profession that speaks to your heart and hobbies that are “the your face”.

And all of this can be achieved in a light way

and that suits who you are.

Dare to try my method.

Know even more

My History

My deep interest in the Human Being came from an early age. The interest in what is beyond what is in sight was something that has always captured me.

The mixture of this curiosity, with a life history of relational difficulties, whetted the appetite for self-knowledge, for the reason behind the relationships I attracted and the way I presented myself in those same relationships, and for the repetitive patterns of life’s events.

At a certain point in my life, I had the privilege of having a road accident that started to change my life, which you can see in me today.

It was a long journey, of self-knowledge, of discovering what makes me vibrate, of what my life purpose is at heart! There are undoubtedly moments in our life (which can even last for years) that allow us to understand where we want to direct our life.

I clearly realized that my deep vocation would be related to the development of the Human Being in all its aspects, relational, physical, mental and soul.

And my journey started towards what I can present to you today, the heart2you healing method!

is a Portuguese citizen, with an academic and professional history in the area of economic sciences, strategy and advisory. For almost 20 years he dedicated himself to the development of corporate strategy with a focus on people. Developed techniques and tools related to NLP, Human design, Application astrology, Philosophy and Body language.

The combination of all his knowledge and experience, will allow the creation and development of the heart2you healing method, and today dedicate his work in the field of development of the Human Being.