I’m super excited that you want

to know my method better

The method of treatment and development of the Being

What do you need to do the job with me?

Willing to change!

It is a method that allows you to understand and work on emotions, in order to achieve emotional, physical and mental healing and therefore align yourself with your life purpose, obtaining effective and lasting personal development results.

Results that will positively transform your life,

your relationships, your profession,

your well-being and your happiness.

Marina Almeida

I will accompany you and throughout this period

I will accompany you in your healing process

We will jointly define goals that will suit you, the stage of life you are in and what you want to achieve.

The results you can expect when working with me involve:

  • family rescue and building a happier family
  • emotional, physical and mental healing
  • greater awareness of who you are, what your life purpose is
  • greater awareness of the blocks that lead to less successful relationships
  • effective improvement in personal, family and professional relationships
  • better professional performance
  • greater communication and expression skills in the world
  • integration of tools that will serve to support you in all the most complex situations of conflict or tension

With this method you get quickly

a clairvoyance about your purpose in life,

avoiding years of traveling a path that is not ideal for you.

How is the experience

Since the beginning of our work together, you will have access to information about your purpose of life. This information will change definitely and positively your life.

You will get clear and precise information about your life purpose, the path that is important to take, information that will change the way you relate to yourself and those around you .

By having a broader view of your nature, it will become easy to understand the reason for a series of events, relationships, blockages and even facilities that you face. This feeling of lightness, and of understanding before the events of your life, deepens over time, and it is expected that at the end of our work together, you will be able to look at yourself, at your blocks, at your relationships, at future that you want to build in a much lighter and more fulfilled way.

The program I propose will be developed in 3 phases

Diagnosis, Monitoring and Conclusion

Since at the end of the program you will be clear about your purpose in life, what direction to trace from now on as well as to obtain the emotional, physical and mental healing of the blocks that prevented you from moving forward.

Know the method:

The program will be developed as follows:


Diagnostic Study

Diagnosis Integrated study of the Self covering the main areas of life: Inner self; family and relationships; career and finance; creativity and higher self.


Integrated Diagnosis of the Self

Diagnostic session, duration of 2 hours obtaining clarity regarding your life purpose and definition of self areas to develop in the next sessions.


Follow-up Sessions

Total of six or twelve fortnightly sessions lasting 1h30. In this phase we will look at the emotional, physical or mental blocks that prevent their full development in each of the themes of life.


During the follow-up period

During the follow-up sessions, you will obtain continuous monitoring to support you in the difficulties you encounter during the process.


Closing Session

The last session will have a duration of 2 hours and we will analyze together the route taken and the results obtained. The Diagnostic Report of the Self - after the program will be prepared.

What do you need to do the job with me?

Willing to change!