For the little ones

The heart2you method for children

can reach or balance a happy family on the one hand, on the other, a parent helper, by understanding and having practical guidelines, for more complex situations related to their children or children.

This method applies to:

  • Newborn babies
  • Children with learning disabilities
  • Relationship difficulties in the family circle
  • In any case of medical diagnosis

The expected results, depending on each situation, may involve:

  • understanding of the nature and personality of the newly arrived baby or child
  • understanding of the life purpose of the newly arrived baby or child, and its purpose in the family system where it is inserted
  • greater understanding of the roles of each member of the family system
  • greater understanding of the nature of the relationships that will be established in family members and how to achieve balance
  • practical guidance on specific measures in the face of learning difficulties, or other, with babies and children

The service formats involve:


Discovery session

Recommended for right after the baby is born, or any time in the child’s life.

As expected results you can obtain information:

  • how your baby or child reacts to setbacks;
  • if your baby or child is more emotional, more rational, more spontaneous, and in that way adjust the way of acting, of educating him;
  • your baby or child’s life purpose, so you can help with that commitment;
  • how your baby or child relates to the rest of the family;
  • how each family member can help each other in the sense of achieving balanced relationships, helping the little ones in the difficulties of their Being;
  • better understand your child’s learning difficulties and get concrete guidelines on how to help you;
  • to understand what feelings your child is summing up, feelings that will be reflected later in his adult life;


After the discovery session, you will be able to choose whether or not to have continuous monitoring for your family.

  • Newborn session – recommended for right after the baby’s birth and after the discovery session
  • Child session – recommended at any time in the child’s life and after the discovery session
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