My purpose is to help you discover

your life purpose

through a unique method,
the heart2you.

My mission, through the heart2you method,

is to help you achieve clairvoyance as to your purpose of life, obtaining significant improvement in well-being emotional , physics and mental.

Through orientation towards your life purpose, and therefore the achievement of a more full and balanced life.



Well-being increases and you can find your best version,

to give the best of yourself and others.

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“How To Start Healing your Inner Child & Unlock Your Purpose in 1 Week”

How do you do it?

Through a unique method of emotional, physical and mental healing

For all who wish to align themselves with their life goal, to heal as existing emotional wounds and to achieve a greater awareness of themselves at every moment of their life.

How is my work different?

  • Achievement of emotional, physical and mental healing of existing wounds
  • Constant and continuous support/monitoring
  • Identifying and unlocking limiting triggers
  • Increased awareness of emotions
  • Clear definition of goals to be achieved in a timeline
  • Integration of several tools in a single method
  • Clear and wide view of the Being (physical, emotional and mental body)
  • Proven improvement in relationships and personal well-being

My mission, through the method

It is to help you achieve emotional healing, through guidance for your life purpose, and therefore obtain a more balanced and happy life, through successful relationships, a profession that speaks to your heart and hobbies that are “your face”.

I wish you to have fun, reflect and be moved

on this journey that we now begin together.

If you want to know if I can help you click on the link below

and to obtain the information necessary to obtain

your development result of Being,

and know how I can help you.


  • Working with Marina has allowed me to enrich my way of being with myself, I feel much more calm, serene and much more confident in life. I recommend it to everyone who wants to achieve greater serenity and well-being.

    Artur Silva

  • Marina Almeida, endowed with a gift that makes Marina bring to the conscious a material – always rich and expressive of our human condition – facilitates a contact of interaction with our unconscious giving us, with this, clarity and direction to enjoy with joy and purpose our journey on this planet. I recommend.

    Mental Image Therapist

    Izabel Telles