When the relationship is difficult

Have a difficult relationship?

Or do you have difficult times in your relationship or marriage?

We all, at a certain moment, have more difficult moments in our relationships, or even relationships that we don’t even know because they lasted so long!

Heart2you healing, helps in understanding those moments, or those more complex relationships. Most of the time understanding is the key step for change!

If we analyze the birth chart of the two people, we can draw many conclusions about the reasons for the possible conflicts that exist.

To give some examples, we may find it easier with some people in the field of communication, and for that we will analyze the planets mercury and their harmony in the natal charts. We may have a greater emotional connection, in this case we will look at the position of the moon on the natal chart and its harmonious relationship, or not.

We may want to analyze globally how the elements are distributed in the natal charts, and we will be able to draw very concrete conclusions about the easiness or easiness of relationships.

The global analysis of the maps of the two people, or of the blood family (involving parents and siblings, for example) is extremely important for us to be able to perceive events in our life, childhood, adolescence; we will be able to understand the reason why we might have some relational difficulties with the parent, by chance. Understanding is the first step towards acceptance, and this to positive change in the way we view any event, whether past or present.

All this information is extremely useful in the way of personal healing.

Let’s imagine a less harmonious relationship between Mars and the moon. In this case, we can find a couple in which one of the elements wants to act, do things, move, go to the street, garden, be active, go cycling with their partner or go to play tennis; while the other element wants to be at home, more in a nap for two and in the novel, watching movies or series, being together, at home, just relaxing. This situation may be indicative of some friction in the couple.

The perception of how each one is in essence, can help a lot in accepting some differences, and therefore in improving the relationship.

The objective is not to change who people are in their essence, but just to obtain a greater perception of the essence of the other already promotes acceptance of the other, and the improvement in the ability to accept who the other is leads to a direct improvement in relationships.

Good relations!

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